Pigging out at Maialino

Meyer’s “Mailanino” (suckling pig in Italian) is the latest success on the list of this chief NYC restaurateur (Gramercy Park, 11 Madison, Shake Shack, Tabla). We’ve talked about it when it opened a few months ago, and I am happy to report that it continues booming, and not only that: service is fantastically friendly. You should know that the front portion of the restaurant, - which is my favorite anyways (more lively, and closer to what a typical Italian cantina feels like) - is reserved for walk-ins. If you want to eat at the bar counter you put your name down with one of the bartenders, if you want one of the little tables, speak to the hostess… and here comes the insider tip: the center communal table with the stools is up for grabs, first come first served.

Be smart and quick, as most people are oblivious to that valuable fact… So, if the place is packed (which always is starting at 6pm) grab an Aperol at the bar, guarantee your name on the list, but stay on the look out for the center counter. Someone gets up, and it’s yours.The food is rich and true to its roots. The carciofini fritti are delicious and both the spaghetti alla carbonara and the tonnarelli cacio e pepe are made of fresh pasta and delicious. Of course, the place asks for it: literally pig out on the maialino al forno. Real Italian-mamma style portion: it feeds 3 people…

at the Gramercy Park Hotel
2 Lexington Avenue
212 777 2410

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