Enduring the line at LaDuree

Getting a fancy dessert for your holidays hosts? Me, you, and everyone's mother agree that the first US outpost of the Parisian macaroon heaven, La Duree, is the best bet. One thing though: the liiiine! Ohlala... tres huge: But don't fret... Besides being absolutely worth it, - you will be proud to be toting the LaDuree bag into your party because everyone will love you - the brave soldiers get a consolation treat for the long wait... tres bon, merci!

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If you are natural procrastinator and left shopping for the last minute, welcome to my world. But instead of aimlessly wandering the streets inefficiently looking for those special, unforgettable gifts (I’ve already done that for you), go straight to those winners. In these shops you will find that perfect gift, that almost feels customized to the receiver’s personality… yes, you spent a lot of time thinking about it.

John Derian – you can spend easily an hour just browsing the hundreds of curiosities in this collectors haven. Very pleasing atmosphere, with something perfect for the old aunty to the hipster cousin, guaranteed. www.johnderian.com

Conran Shop – this British furniture and modern design store located in the basement of ABC Carpet and Home (hey, another place to take a look), is filled with cool housewares and other modern objects that will catch your fancy. www.conrannusa.com

Moss – At the edge of bustling SoHo, Moss is an oasis for beauty seekers. Be it for lighting, artsy pieces or just cool stuff, their buyers scout the most attractive and unique design items from around the world. www.mossonline.com

MoMA Store – no need to introduce this giant global design promoter. Making the smallest souvenir to the most stylish furniture piece accessible to all of us, the MoMA store is the place to go if you need to please a bunch of completely different types. But one thing they’ll have in common: just by seeing the unmistakable red wrapping on your gift, whoever the person is, won’t be able to hide their eagerness to rip it open... www.momastore.org

Assouline – bookworms beware, this place can clean your wallet, and you won’t even resent them afterwards. The selection is superb, most of them nice show off pieces, the so called coffee table book, - because you really want to leave them showcased. They also sell other classy items, such as bookends, chic leather glasses case, or a giant ostrich egg with your last name’s initial on it. Which will look perfect in daddy’s library. www.assouline.com

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