“Uber” practical – your best cab ride in the city

If you live here you know about this daily life pain. If you are coming for a visit, be warned: It is a nightmare to find a taxicab when you most need it in the afternoon rush between 3:30 and 5 PM. That’s when they are all heading to Queens for a shift change.

My super app savvy friend told me yesterday about Uber: a private car service requested from your phone. I had to test it the same day. On the app, before you order, you can see in how many minutes the closest driver will arrive at your location. If you decide that’s ok, you get a text with confirmation of exact pick up time and driver’s name.

Our driver was really cordial, and his Lincoln extremely spacious and very clean, no funny town car smell, which can be a serious issue. Since your credit card stays on file, you don’t have to swipe anything, and tip is included. Ali, our friendly driver told me that that Uber started 8 months ago with a few cars, and now it has 175, most of them, like himself, dedicated to Uber full time.

I’m sold. I hereby declare the end of taxicab witching hour!


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Saxon and Parole is on a roll

You’ve gotta be really alert to keep up with all the new eatery and bar openings on the Bowery. One of them is the newish Saxon + Parole, where Double Crown used to live (not very memorable). I’ve been there three times, just to make sure it’s consistently good, of course! Well, kudos to the chef and the staff. This is going to become my reliable neighborhood to-go restaurant. I usually arrive without a reservation, and that’s ok because I’m never snubbed by the hostess.

Old school bartenders: mega ice cube waiting to be chiseled

The restaurant is usually fully booked. That’s not an obstacle to me, since I’m a big bar-dining fan. Besides, the mixologists at S&P absolutely know their craft. They can prepare a delicious Aperol Spritz, my favorite drink.

Yummy souffle

The food is labeled American, and I recommend the fillet and the chocolate soufflé, which was delightful.

316 Bowery, (corner of Bleecker St)

212 2540350


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The Lion King - he deserves to eternally reign Broadway

The Lion King is one of my favorite shows ever. I must have seen it at least fout times already, and every time I’m captivated and enchanted by the music, the actors charisma, and mostly, the beauty of the production. The use of natural materials for the set and animal costumes (lots of leather, grasses, ropes, wood) just shows how thoughtful the work is behind the scenes. The colors and creative sets transports you to Africa’s jungle and desert. Tears might be part if the experience. With or without kids, this is an unforgettable Broadway spectacle for all.

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The Surrey's Hotel homage to The Artist

I’ve already boasted and bragged about The Artist on its opening night! Seems like I’m a good movie critic, who would have thought: 10 Oscar nominations. Wow. I’m not the only who’s excited about this. In the esprit of celebrating Frenchness (The Artist is a Franco-Flick), the only Relais Chateaux hotel in NYC, The Surrey Hotel - is offering a special “All Things French” package to its guests…

Available through December 31, 2012, the brand-new promotion offers:

· 10 percent off Best Available Rate at 189 luxurious salons and award-winning suites designed by world-renowned interior designer, Lauren Rottet.

· Cocktails at the Chanel inspired Bar Pleiades that is named for the beloved French restaurant frequented by Manhattan’s art world elite of the 1970s and 80s and pays tribute to haute French Fashion.

· 15 percent discount at The Spa for treatments and products by Darphin, the botanical Parisian skincare line to ensure all guests are red-carpet ready.

· Breakfast for two at Café Boulud, where Michelin-Star French Chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulud features his contemporary approach to classic French cuisine while incorporating his flair for seasonal delicacies and worldwide flavors.

· Complimentary use of The Surrey’s Les Clefs D’Or Concierge, providing elite access to the city before, during or after the stay.

And for French-inspired shops, guests are steps away from Christian Loubatin, Chanel, and La Maison Ladurée


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