“Uber” practical – your best cab ride in the city

If you live here you know about this daily life pain. If you are coming for a visit, be warned: It is a nightmare to find a taxicab when you most need it in the afternoon rush between 3:30 and 5 PM. That’s when they are all heading to Queens for a shift change.

My super app savvy friend told me yesterday about Uber: a private car service requested from your phone. I had to test it the same day. On the app, before you order, you can see in how many minutes the closest driver will arrive at your location. If you decide that’s ok, you get a text with confirmation of exact pick up time and driver’s name.

Our driver was really cordial, and his Lincoln extremely spacious and very clean, no funny town car smell, which can be a serious issue. Since your credit card stays on file, you don’t have to swipe anything, and tip is included. Ali, our friendly driver told me that that Uber started 8 months ago with a few cars, and now it has 175, most of them, like himself, dedicated to Uber full time.

I’m sold. I hereby declare the end of taxicab witching hour!


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