Denim-up your closet

At the Gap you can recycle your old jeans and get a discount on a new pair

There are many signs that starting now - and through the weekend, this is the time to focus on getting a new pair of jeans. The weather is extremely yucky on a Friday and shopping therapy always helps on rainy days. Even more so when there are several sales and discounts in denim departments all over town.


In this promotion, not only do you walk out with a new pair, you get rid of the old one, making room in the closet, but mainly doing something good. For every pair you donate to Gap, you receive 30% off the new one you pick. You have until Sunday to recycle your jeans.


OK, you don’t even have to brave the rain or even move your butt to get it refitted with a new pair of hot legging Joe’s jeans, for example. From today on, (for a limited time) you can take $20 off any jeans above $100 plus free shipping. Pretty comfy right? They sell great brands (Joe’s, 7, Rock & Republic) and make it very easy to browse by organizing them by fits: boot cut, skinny, straight, flare.. whatever fits your lazy booty desires.


You have three days, starting now, to browse through the dozens of top denim brands carried by Bloomies to find your two favorite pairs and getting your 25% off at the register. You have to buy two pairs, but that’s not so absurd when you consider the huge selection (Ture Religion, Hudson, Citizens of Humanity, Acne, J Brand, etc..) Note to guys: don’t fret, you don’t have to buy two pairs… You get 20% off when you buy a pair. If you buy more then $500 the discount jumps to 30%.

For some strange reason, it’s a good weekend to buy denim. And the weather helps.

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