Ditching Patrick for Pulino's

I’ve stayed away from green beer on St. Patty’s Day, and celebrated the holiday toasting with a birra on tap at Pulino’s Bar & Pizzeria instead! Opened two days, the latest Keith McNally spot is already hot and booming. Super friendly staff (with Do Not Cross the Line) t-shirts run around en masse (there’s lot’s of them). Timing was good, the Nduja appetizer - a spicy salami spread bruschetta – was very delightful and the pizzas we had, quattro formaggi and bianca tradizionale are crispy, thin, and slightly charred to perfection on the edges from the wood burning oven. The ambience reveals it’s creator’s signature subway tiles, colorful antique tile flooring, a long bar, and the informal bistro atmosphere that makes his clients always feel welcome, turning them into repeat customers. A novel touch in the décor are the tables made of those blue NYPD wood barricades, therefore the “Do Not Cross the Line” citing on the menu and t-shirts.

Pulino's menu for your viewing, and hopefully soon: tasting pleasure

Pulino’s is currently serving breakfast and lunch only, but dinner service is expected to begin shortly.

Southwest corner of Bowery and Houston 212-226-1966

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