Billy Reid on Bond: Holiday Party with The Civil Wars

If you are still looking for a distinctive outfit ideal for winter parties and outings, comfy enough but with an edge, something classically modern, a bit rock and roll, but not too much, (and all those contradictions in terms) in one beautifully finished and original piece, I have a suggestion: go to Billy Reid on Bond Street. The southerner designer brings the unexpected innovative characteristic to staple pieces, such as shirts, dresses and creative t-shirts.

The store could be the retail version of Freemans, with wooden old furniture, antique frames, sepia photos and a deer head adorning the wall.

Shop this Thursday during their holiday party, meet the designer and listen live to The Civil Wars, who recently had a song featured on Grey’s Anatomy. The sales team is very friendly and the whole atmosphere is inviting. No rsvp needed. Just stop by for quality shopping (they are on sale!), great design and good music.

54 Bond Street
212 598 9355
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