My eyes wide open at Sleep No More

The other night I felt lost in an abandoned hotel with a mask on my face, tapping in the dark, following a half naked lady up and down the stairs, through a ball room surrounded by large evergreens , up to a mezzanine library, through a closet that opened into a Versailles-like bedroom. The taxidermy décor spooked me out a little bit, but once I found the candy pharmacy, where I was free to take whatever I wanted from the glass containers, I was happy like a child! I never woke up from that haze, because this was not a dream.

And that’s all I will give away from this incredible and unforgettable experience that has been written and raved about so much in the media (read the New York magazine article here). If you see one performance this year, don’t miss Sleep No More by the cast of Punchdrunk, a British site-specific theater company. Lucky for us, and a perfect Halloween outing, extended showings until November…

Official website and tickets

The McKittrick Hotel
530 W. 27th St. near 10th Ave

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