Fashion: It’s a furry fall out there

Free your fur coat from the mothballs. Fuzzy animal skin attire - faux or real - is ferociously loose on the streets of Manhattan! Be it on jackets, cardigan collars or mainly loads of sleeveless waistcoats, pelts are making a big comeback and can be found anywhere. To be clear, all photos on today’s post were taken with my i-Phone (as always) today!

Bloomingdales advertised a brand new “fur salon” department on a full-page ad in the New York Times today, and a few pages down, Macy’s announces a 40% off fur sale. Editorial ads for Chanel and Gucci also showcased pieces of fur. Century 21 on the Upper West Side has heir fur items on full display on the ground floor...

and on my way back home, wearing my furry muffler of course, I candidly photographed these stylish subway riders effortlessly looking chic wrapped in their fashionable harry coats.

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