Cider in the City

Local orchard s featuring a taste of their apple spirit before Cider Week at a stand in the farmer's market in Union Square

At this time of year we see apples galore around here. What I didn’t know is that New York State is the second highest producer of apples in the nation. No wonder an organization found a good way to market the fact and create fun events around it, including the upcoming Cider Week, from October 16th-19th. We are talking about real distilled cider here, not the Whole Foods plastic bottle variety. To kick off the festivities, a cider bar and panel discussion will take place at the New Amsterdam Market starting at 11am on Sunday. Over 60 restaurants, including The Spotted Pig, Boqueria, John Dory, Eataly, DBGB and Gramercy Tavern, will be serving sophisticated concoctions (think pommeau and calvados) of apple brew derived from more than a hundred varieties of cider apples. Who knew, always absorbing, in this case ingesting, something new in the Big Apple.

Click here to learn more about this initiative by the upstate agricultural not-for-profit Glynwood Center

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