Assouline at The Plaza Hotel

Lady of elegance Lucia van de Post wrote a lovely piece on Assouline’s latest store recently opened in London’s Liberty in this weekends FT’s “How to Spend It” magazine – read here. The article perfectly captures the essence of being in one of the publishers seven venues worldwide, and also inspired me to finally revisit my own impressions, and highly suggest a visit at Assouline’s New York’s bookshop.

The photos you see here were taken a while ago when Oscar Niemeyer’s collectors book first came out together with his signature bookstand…The store is on the west mezzanine above The Plaza Hotel’s lobby. Just the location in itself already provides a special atmosphere of timelessness to the experience. To me, it’s like stepping into a capsule where time stands still and where it’s safe to browse and loose oneself amongst the shelves of this this classy library filled with gorgeous books, tasteful gifts and a pair of extremely chic (and comfy) chairs.

Be it a respite from the outside bustle or just a quick stop to get something beautiful, a visit to the Assouline shop is always a pleasure.

Tip: after immersing in the delight of the written world, satisfy your human cravings with a delicious snack at Todd English's Food Plaza in the basement of the The Plaza.

768 5th Avenue
Mezzanine at The Plaza Hotel
(212) 593-7236

Store Hours:
Mon – Sat: 11AM to 7PM
Sun: 12PM to 6PM