The Plaza Food Hall by Todd English – take a break from the boiling heat

Below the massive legendary The Plaza Hotel on the corner of 5th and 59th, lies a cool secret. Literally: if you want to escape the scorching summer heat, take the escalator down to the hotel’s concourse level. You will not only be greeted by a powerful burst of air conditioning, but also discover a pleasant surprise, a glamorized basement if you ever saw one. Inaugurated a couple of months ago, the Food Court at the Plaza by Todd English is nothing but a respite from the bustle and hustle upstairs. Imagine a gourmet shop, a pizzeria, a friendly sushi bar, a snack deli, and more, all in a glorified food court. The chef has created a cozy atmosphere and a very inviting break to retreat from the outdoor world and focus on eating well, anything you desire.

Also in the Grand Concourse level (the official name of The Plaza's basement floor), beside this impressive 5,400 square feet emporium of delicacies, you'll find clothing boutiques, make up counters, a spa and jewelry retailers in case you are still craving for another type of satisfaction after a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. Let’s face it, it's much more agreeable to shop with a full belly and whilst your brain is not melting from the burning august sun.

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