Tried and Tested: ABC KITCHEN

I had already pointed you towards the all-organic new restaurant co-owned by super chef Jean Georges Vongerichten at ABC Carpet & Home. I had lunch there a couple of weeks ago and again yesterday and can attest to its promise: the leaves are as fresh as can be, the menu original and full of seasonal veggies presented in an original way, like the sugar snap pea salad, where the snap peas are thinly shaved. The pretzel dusted calamari, with a spicy marinara and basil aioli sauces was divine, and the akaushi cheeseburger (a type of kobe beef from Texas, according to our waitress) was just so much more intense with its herbed mayo and pickled jalapeno sauce.

I tried two whole wheat pizzas, and they were superb, considering how hard it is to have a thin and crispy crust using healthy whole wheat flour. Next time I would ask if the farm the egg they throw on the mushroom pizza can stay a little bit longer in the oven; it was raw. The decor feels like a cozy barn house filled with ABC’s rococo chandeliers; wood objects adorn every corner, black and white nature photographs nag on the white washed brick walls and antique hand painted porcelain embellish the tables.

And in those crazy summer heat days, it’s a great place to be and wander around the store’s original knick knacks. For modern design, head downstairs to the new Conran Shop and take advantage of the sale going on right now!!

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