Birreria at Eataly: Preview

My weekly morning caffe at Eataly has become a tradition, and I feel more and more like a professional navigator in the labyrinth of Italian gourmet goodies. Today I found the secret door to the top of Batali’s empire. Not only did I find, it, I was actually guided though it by one of the chef’s partners, Adam Saper. It was one of those coincidences. After chatting at the coffee counter, we realized that we had worked together 12 years ago on the same project. I asked if I could see the rooftop Bierreria, which was previewed to the press last night and voila, the secret space was unveiled. has posted last night’s party pictures this morning.

Today the retractable ceiling was closed, and staff was working and holding meetings there to get everything ready to officially inaugurate on or around June 3rd. The Birreria is a brewery/bar/restaurant occupying 8,000 square feet of prime penthouse space with a good view to the Empire State. According to Eater, there will be three beer types brewed on the premises, as well as a full bar and menu, seating up to 200. Stay tuned, for if when those plastic curtains are drawn, the show will begin. Ride up the elevator, then take the stairs with Dante’s Inferno quotes printed on the stair raisers to arrive at this little piece of cielo on earth.

200 5th Avenue at 23rd Street
(646) 398-5100

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