PPR: Post Party Report! Haiti Relief and BrazilFoundation

Mary J. Blige and Wyclef Jean

This week’s fundraiser parties that happened back to back, (Monday and Tuesday nights in Manhattan) were a huge success! My feet still hurt from dancing. The pain is fine when the memories are good. The Top of the Standard Hotel rocked with Wyclef Jean’s performance, and it almost came down when May J. Blige joined him for an impromptu duo singing session. Rock legend Patty Smith and J-Z were in the house, and of course, lots of beautiful people with good intentions. All proceeds went towards Haiti relief organizations. I attempted a video clip just so you get the idea:

BrazilFoundation’s night at the Norwood was smaller in scale, but absolutely sweltering with supporters dancing to the drums spectacle presented by the Manhattan Samba crew. Tickets were completely sold out, and the spirits pre-snow storm were high. As if we had any doubt that a Brazilian party could be anything but boiling, no matter how negative temperatures are outside.

Leona Forman, founder of BrazilFoundation sways to the samba beat

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