Party tonight at the launch of 1500 Gallery in Chelsea

Do you ever wonder why Brazil is so in vogue? 

Let the pictures tell you why. Don't miss the opening party of the 1500 Gallery in Chelsea. On february 11th this new gallery unveils its first exhibit, a group show entitled Brazilian, which will run Feb 11 - May 1. Taste a caipirinha drink on the house (the national lime drink) and mingle with the emerging Brazilian talent. Open to the public. For more information click here.

Get a true glimpse of the nation everyone's talking about: those photos are worth way more than a thousand words.

More from the gallery's press release:
"1500 Gallery specializes in Brazilian photography, and is the first art gallery in the world with this explicit focus. 1500 interprets the notion of "Brazilian photography" to comprise photography made by Brazilian photographers, as well as images bearing a conceptual or thematic relationship to Brazil.
1500 represents the work of 17 artists, both emerging and established: 6 of 1500's photographers are represented in the São Paulo Museum of Art's Collection of Photography. 1500's collection of images includes both contemporary and vintage photography."

Photogs include  Julio Bittencourt, Bruno Cals, João Castilho, Marc Dumas, Antonio Augusto Fontes,
Bina Fonyat (1945-1985), Edouard Fraipont, Garapa (collective), Christian Gaul, Murillo Meirelles, Gustavo Pellizzon and Eduardo Queiroga.