The Bowery, the most charming hotel in New York

By Alexandra Forbes, special contributor

The Lower East Side may have hotels high on the hipness level, like the Hotel on Rivington, or the Thompson LES (same owners 60 Thompson).

The Upper East may have the chicest hotels, like The Carlyle, where I've always stayed with my dad.

But after having tried at least 20 different hotels in Manhattan, there's just no other that equals The Bowery in charm and cool factor. Not to mention the irresistible retro-industrial décor.

Here's the view of my room, last time I stayed there:

Not only is it beautiful, but the Bowery has the coolest hotel bar in town. Which will never become a nightclub-disguised-as-bar like its competitor, the Gramercy Park Hotel, did to the Rose bar....

The Bowery's bar is for guests only. And their guests. And the very few people who show up anyways and don't mind standing all night, since only guests are given seats.

Here's the moorish-inspired, ultra-cosy lobby:

Enough said.