On the Top of The Standard Hotel for Haiti Help

Boom-Boom, Bon-Bon, On Top of the Standard Hotel... 

No matter how you it is officially called, one thing is undeniable: the penthouse club of The Standard is the best in town, au concurs. And with that truth, it is also the toughest rope to cross (see report on Eater.)
The few times I have made it upstairs I was usually with a friend of mine (the connected kind who knows the right people), or: the human way, I had my name on the list. 

And even in those instances there are always minutes spent outside before you are allowed into the funky elevators fitted with Marco Brambilla’s video artwork. Last time as I was walking in, Mick Jagger was walking out. And the time before that Valentino passed me on his way out. So, there you the proof that this is the hottest place in town and that I am not exaggerating. My conclusion: my entrance timing sucks. But once upstairs, the floor to ceiling double height windows take your breath away, and the DJ (last Saturday Jamal was spinning), is so good that I always overstay because I can’t stop dancing. And just before I give you today’s good news, let me just tell you that I have no words to describe the bathroom. It’s like your own private club in there (see the photo below).

The news I’ve been meaning to share with you is that if you are good, meaning, really good by donating $250 to Haiti Hope Help & Relief, you get access to this Manhattan nightlife mecca this upcoming Monday night. How can we resist the high of making a donation, taking the elevator to the 18th floor and feeling closer to heaven? See you there. Go here for tickets.