Ava Lounge and Salon de Ning: two bars with great views in Midtown

By Beatriz Tasso Fragoso, special contributor

The author of this blog, my friend Karin Dauch, lives Downtown, close to many of the places I loooove in New York: DBGB, Bowery Hotel, Gemma, Babbo, etc - the list goes on. And she often says - and rightly so! - why the heck would anyone go hang out in Midtown?!

But... I gotta say there are some places that are worth a visit. During the warm months, I like the vibe at the Ava Lounge, pictured above, at the Dream hotel. I'd heard the hotel was broke, but so far, from what I see, they're still open for business. Anyways, the ultrarich owner, Vikram Chatwal, isn't likely to run out of funds anytime soon..

I also like walking by the iconic new Hearst HQ, by starchitect Norman Foster:

Another bar in Midtown with great views? The Salon de Ning, at the rooftop of the hotel Peninsula, only a block or two away.