We go back to Daniel Boulud's new DBGB: as good as they come!

by Alexandra Forbes

This special appearance on my friend Karin's blog is due to the fact that I just HAD to show some photos of my best recent meal in New York, at Daniel Boulud's new DBGB on the Bowery. Karin had already gone there, and wrote about it here. But... I had to go and see for myself. And it was delicious from beginning to end.

I loved the main dining room: dark and moody, with grey banquettes, and floor to ceiling shelving enclosing the tables.

What to choose, what to choose...

How could I NOT go for the burger? I ordered “the piggie”: pulled barbecued pork, corn and cheddar bun. Soft and smoky and oh-so-good. I had bib lettuce in lieu of fries - SIN OF ALL SINS! :)

G. had the house hot dog, perfect bun-to-sausage ratio:

The fries, too, were impeccable:

But the biggest surprise, to us, was the crab cake with curry sauce. The ugly photo does not do it justice: it was marvellous! Pure crab, no fillers, loosely assembled.

And yes, we still found room for dessert: crumbled cookies, caramelized pecans, whipped cream, hmmmmmmm!

I can't recommend the place highly enough.

DBGB: Rua Bowery, 299, tel. (212) 933-5300