David Barton on Astor Place

If from the pictures you guessed that this is a post of yet another of the latest hottest club openings in NY you are wrong! But not entirely so. This is the latest hottest venue downtown Manhattan, however it’s not a club, or bar, or restaurant. It’s a gym ladies and gentleman. I know, I only believe it because I went to see it myself. I took pictures with my phone to show you (and remember: you saw it here first! No one has published any images as of yet of this picturesque workout palace.) There is no other way to describe it: entering David Barton’s Gym on Astor Place is like walking into a nightclub. It opened on Tuesday, and I signed up yesterday. I couldn’t resist. If you don’t feel hyper motivated to shake your booty on this state of the art machine laden dance floor, then where will you? The music is thumping all the time, everywhere throughout the four floors that used to house a Barnes & Noble until a year and a half ago. DJ’s play three times a week, the locker room looks like a hotel suite, the décor a la old gone Limelight (remember???) and the dim lighting mainly of pink and green bulbs - which I thought would annoy me, actually grow on you after a while. The effect is stunning. Everybody – I mean, every “body” - starts to look better in that darkish ambience and soft hue lighting (sounds familiar? just like in a club!). The pilates and yoga rooms are candle lit, don’t worry, no neon dancing beams in the mente sana temple area.
If you are just visiting town, you can get a day pass for 30 bucks (hey, it’s the price of two martini’s, but you are actually shedding calories instead of piling them up). For my dear New York readers, monthly fee is $125 plus $400 enrollment fee (which this week, I’m sure you can get waived if you speak to Matt and tell him I referred you). You might want to mention how gorgeous his grey-blue eyes are and how he just looks so great, a true inspiration ;) Whatever it takes to enter the new party kingdom of sweat. See you on the treadmill, am late for "Ass Blast". Seriously, that's the official class name. You gotta love this town.

Astor Place
212 505 6800

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