DBGB on the Bowery: bloody rockin’ good

How nice it is… to visit a new spot that you just know in your gut will be sooo trendy, simply because it’s already so good at its awakening. It makes you feel like you own this town. You and another, hmm, maybe 200 “special” people who feel entitled to witness the birth of a NY trademark: a burger joint that’s a gourmet bistro on the happening Bowery Street.
After having sushi at Bond Street, one of the most reliable Japanese eateries in town, I strolled over to Bowery and First Avenue, aware of the first night’s soft opening of DBGB: Daniel Boulud’s Burger joint. First we stumbled on a John Varvatos live band music party at his store, ok, wrong door, a block down. Really? Seems improbable being that there was only an unfinished looking building with a handwritten number on top of a glass door: 299. Yeah baby, that’s it, and we’ve got meat.
I loved it!! We had to try a burger after all that raw fish, and I’m happy to report that I was so happy (medium rare, came rare, but as it rarely happens, the bloody burger was hardly ever so tasty that I didn’t complain) and even gave Daniel a big heads up when he came into the door just before 10pm (not that he noticed really).
I will take a wild guess and say that DBGB stands for Daniel Boulud’s Great (or Good) Burger…
And guess what, it is. I just googled it. I saved you a couple of seconds, ok. Listen, have a burger there. If you feel like something different, have Italian at Gemma at the Bowery Hotel, munch on Spanish tapas at Mercat, have Bond St Sushi, or explore the goodies at the new restaurant at the new Cooper Union hotel. In any case, there are more then 50 beers in bottles, 22 on tap at DBGB. That's more than seventy reasons to have a nightcap there. The bathrooms are gorgeous and the ambiance excellent. What else do you want. I’m just so happy I live 4 blocks away.

P.S: If you are wondering if the name (and even logo) is a homage to the home of underground rock CBGB - which used to be a couple of doors away-, you betcha!

officially open tomorrow ;)

299 Bowery Street, at E. 1st St.

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