Whatever Works

I just watched Woody Allen’s latest film: Whatever Works at the Angelika, and couldn’t be in a better mood. Thanks Mr. Allen for giving me one and a half hours of sheer “genius" grace. I’m a fan, and enjoyed seeing this 30-year-old script undusted, revived by Larry David (yes, and I’m also a sucker for Curbed your Enthusiasm). This post is not about the movie, even though I obviously recommend it.
To top off that lightheaded feeling that lingers after being intelligently entertained, walking out of the theater was like taking a stroll in the actual movie set. This post is a total boast of my neighborhood!
As an enthusiastic village dweller, I am happy to say that I was very proud to have recognized almost every location (ok, not the ones that were filmed in Queens, - they are supposed to look like Manhattan but just ain’t).
If you are in the mood of living a bit the inside of the “Whatever Works” scenario start out by strolling Chinatown’s Grand Street, walk up Centre Street/Lafayette/Bowery and make a right on Stuyvesant Street.
The corner of Stuyvesant and East 10th is where Melody bumps into the young fellow with the dog. Just a few steps over, at the corner of 2nd Avenue, Melody gets the antique handkerchief from prince-actor-charming. You can find fresh cut flowers and local organic produce twice a week at the farmers market there, right by Saint Marks church, the second oldest church building in Manhattan.
Walk down Second Ave and make a left on 8th Street, also known as St Marks Place. That’s were you’ll find Café Morgador between First Av and Avenue A. That is where Marietta first meets hottie Randy James and schemes to get her daughter and him together (scene pictured above). This restaurant is one of the best Moroccans in the city! Worth a visit. The couscous is delicious, and the atmosphere always lively. To finish off the tour, have a coffee or dessert at Cloister’s Café, on East 9th Street between Second and Third Avenues. The charming garden ambiance is attractive, but unfortunately, the food is not. That’s were Boris gets dumped even before ordering. Better that way. He saved himself from a second bad experience. No one deserves unpalatable food after getting the boot. Stick with an espresso and you’ll be good.

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