Red Farm: Chinese barn

A dim sum barn in the West Village? Sounds odd, and it is. But deliciously so. The food is healthy, less greasy than your typical Chinese, with a fresh twist on Asian classics such as crispy beef (a must have!) and dumplings.

Red Farm opened end of last year, and has quickly turned into a classic for New Yorkers in the know craving some American-Cantonese. The atmosphere is lively, and the crowd very mixed. The long communal table in the center of the small, cozy restaurant, summons a relaxed vibe, while the red checkered booth cushions evoke a leisurely picnic. 
Chef Ed Schoenfeld’s whimsical creativity is reflected in his creations: eyes on dumplings and crispy noodles that look like oysters clutching a vegetable salad. 
We sat at the 4-seat bar counter and were very well served by a beautiful and friendly Asian-American mixologist.No reservations accepted.

Red Farm529 Hudson Street by Charles Street    Bookmark and Share