TOP FIVE: restaurants on the Upper West Side - Taberna's opening

Taberna opened a week ago on the Upper West Side

The newest noteworthy restaurant opened last week: Taberna on Amsterdam between 80th and 81st. Tucked in a block known for traditional dark and grease-smelling bars, that’s a great upgrade. Especially when the Spanish fare is prepared by Jennifer Cole, who was the guest chef at Tia Pol at her return from heading cocinas in Spain for over a decade. Our insider informant tell us that the service is still chaotic and hot tapas will not be served until next week… e

429 amsterdam avenue. between 80th and 81st. 917.388.3500.

Other favorites by notoriously selective upper west-“insiders”:

Gennaro – “best homey italian that i know of in the city. We once saw demi moore in there with ashton but it's mostly a hideaway for locals. Very mellow and unglamorous yet warm and superb food.” Be prepared to pay in cash.

665 Amsterdam Ave. near 92nd St. 212-665-5348

Kefi – This Greek restaurant is well-known even for Manhatanites all over town who go there to get their souvlaki and ouzo fix. Prices are reasonable and tastes truly Mediterranean fresh.

505 Columbus Ave. 212-873-0200

Nice Matin – is a favortite destination for brunch on the weekends. Have a taste of the French Riviera when you order the scrambled eggs with spicy merguez sausage at this airy corner bistro.

201 West 79th Street. 212-873-6423

Community Food and Juice – “amazing breakfast (and even dinner) here. Best blueberry pancakes I have ever had. All fresh and organic food, kind of precious that way, always packed.”

2893 Broadway. 212-665-2800