The Henri Cartier-Bresson opening party at the MoMA

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s first major retrospective after his death in 2004 at the MoMA’s 6th floor was competing with the museum’s sculpture garden. On this uncharacteristic April balmy evening, guests were lingering outside sipping their glasses of wines. And so was I, holding on dearly to my rose, while enjoying the warm breeze. But once I finally made it all the way upstairs, I forgot all about the outside world. Viewers get immediately sucked into a historical tour du monde in vivid black and white.

At the start, you might think you’ve seen it all before, after all, who is not familiar with the vast work of this photojournalist who founded the Magnum agency and brought to light realities around the globe never seen before.

His travels are beautifully represented on huge graphic maps by Adrian Kitzinger.
View them here.

If you missed the glorious combo of garden & photography of last night’s opening party, you can replicate this magical atmosphere at one of “Thursday MoMA nights”. The evenings always feature different DJ’s and a cash bar.

Until then, enjoy the interactive preview.

A forbidden snapshot using my phone camera of a 1951 Cartier-Bresson photo taken in Scanno, Italy

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