New York turns pink this October

It is nice to see how many businesses are adhering to the Breast Cancer Awareness month, which is celebrating 25 years. The city is pink with posters scattered throughout stores and venues offering promotions that support the cause. Last Saturday Union Square was an ocean of white and pink tents offering Pilates lessons, an initiative organized by Shape Magazine in partnership with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. With a donation of $25 to the foundation you received a great work out, a pink Pilates mat as well as a product-packed canvas goody bag filed with items from supporting businesses. Before each class, a fit breast cancer survivor would speak for a few minutes and thank the filled up classes for their support. I was running errands, and unfortunately felt guilty of not sweating for the cure, but I was impressed by the amount of participants. A few minutes later and not too far from there, as I was buying the house stuff I needed to get at Bed Bath & Beyond I stumbled onto a product display of pink products! From mixers and toasters to chip clips, everything was pink, and the sign said “Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” Ok, so I could not miss out on that opportunity to do a good deed, and ended up getting a very girly rosy Brita pitcher. On my way home, I saw the (yes, pink) sign in the subway announcing Avon’s Walk for Breast Cancer this Saturday and Sunday, October 11th and 12th. This is an incredible opportunity to do good, feel great, experience several neighborhoods in a different vibe, and see the city in a new light: (you know the color!).

As I was writing this, I received an email from Fine Stationary, where the proceeds of some cute cards go towards organizations that support breast cancer research and education. No more excuses. If you can;t walk, just buy and spread the love!

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