Cooper Square Hotel and The Standard offer good deals

The combination of the global economic downturn with the feverish hotel construction boom in New York City can only result in one thing (at least for now): beds for a steal. Considering it’s Manhattan, it might not really look like a real steal, but I can assure you, you are in for a sweet deal during this period of hotel soft openings, especially if you are into modern boutique hotels.

There are two hotspots-in waiting in their soft opening stage right now offering better rates: Cooper Square and The Standard New York. The Cooper Square claims its stake on the
voracious hipster colonization of the Bowery Street in the East Village. You can’t miss the white all-glass tower in the low-rise neighborhood with it’s curved profile and clean lines (almost like an office building – sorry I had to say it.) Inside however you’ll find the views fantastic (if you face East you can see four bridges) and will find the retro atmosphere with lots of bookshelves quite charming.

The Standard Hotel is another one of those funky modernistic buildings you just can’t miss when zooming by the West Side Highway, set on the outskirts of the ever-bustling Meat Packing District. This huge concrete sandwich on stilts offers the coolness of an Andre Balázs undertaking. Compact bedrooms with the latest in technology (of course!) bring a surprising twist: no privacy between bedroom and bathroom. But it’s not like you will be sharing a room with a business associate in a place as notoriously cool as The Standard…
Come on, for $195 a night (weekend rate for both hotels) you can sort of overlook the imperfections or eventual slips of a non-officially-yet-open hotel, can you not?