The "House of Speakeasy" made me talk again

I’ve hibernated for, ohgosh… two years. Almost three. I even took the date stamps out of the blog not to embarrass myself even further… 
That’s a long sleep and I’m looking the farthest of a bear that I ever had (as a Brazilian, I finally decided to get a total  “Brazilian” after my divorce. Ok, that might be too much information... but it does maybe help explain my disappearance from the blogosphere.)

So, what prompted my sudden awakening?

A writers salon on a Monday evening.

Simply inspirational. It jolted me out of the writing funk, what else can I say. I’m so grateful to these remarkable professionals (and my new writer friend and Flybarre work-out-buddy Lucy who invited me!). 
The line up of monologues around tonight's “No Satisfaction” theme were:
Ruby Wax, Graham Moore, Dan Povenmire, Hooman Majd and Philip Gourevitch.

 Hooman Majd

What a pleasure!
I can’t quote the brilliant lines that made me laugh and think (I was not in my reporter mode, I had no idea I would actually post this), but what I share with you is this: please, please, if you are in NYC around their next gathering: just go.
Lucky for me , what's saving me from being such a bad note-taker tonight, they film the presentations, which will be online soon.

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