Pulqueria - charming "mexicano secreto" in Chinatown

Pulqueria is on my favorites to-go to places. It has all those ingredients that make a bar and restaurant alluring. It’s located in an improbable neighborhood (Chinatown), on a desert street (Doyers), and has no sign (I know, typical New Yorker hot spot, but I fell for it nonetheless). It’s in a basement, but doesn’t feel stuffy. In the contrary: the ambiance has a genuine tropical flair with its thatch roof, colorful tiled floor and spacious dining room. I like the bar area the best, where the DJ turns alternative tunes on his mac from the corner of the counter, while patrons sip a Sol beer, fresh margueritas, or fancy concoctions of jicama and mezcal (Pulqueria is owned by the same owners of the mixologists haven Apotheke, - which is pretty much next door.) The food is really good.

The ubiquitous guacamole at this Mexican joint is an indication of what comes next: spicy and garlicky, not for the mild taste buds. Viva Pulqueria!

FYI, Pulque = the sap of the agave plant when distilled is called mezcal, and if fermented its called pulque.

Here’s a super well edited video (by GloboMaestro), where the The Bowery Hotel’s concierge, Laura Cooper Brown, tours the “secret” Mexican bar/restaurant.


11 Doyers Street


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