Museum Lunches: The Wright at The Guggenheim

The lunch:

I wasn’t very hungry after a vertigo induced museum stroll around Maurizio Cattelan’s hanging lifetime oeuvre… but still, lunch at the Guggenheim’s The Wright, sounded just… you know. My friend, also feeling a bit dizzy after our rotating stroll staring up and down the museum’s void, wanted something light as well. We both had the calamari salad appetizer as our main, and were not disappointed. The small lunch allowed us to share a delicious pumpkin cheesecake with dulce de leche ice cream. The restaurant is smaller then I expected, but cozy, light and clean.

The exhibit:

There’s nothing conventional about this provocative artist, neither is the way his art is displayed. Perfect match: no chronological order, nor your standard way to see art. Nothing wrong with that. Besides the vertiginous feeling when you look down from the Guggenheim’s spiral walkway, the only other little thing that bothered me a bit were all the stuffed real dogs. I’ve seen plenty of large taxidermy animals, so many artists now do them, but puppy pets? What’s next? The hanging children or the old lady in the fridge? If he could, would he?

You really should see it for yourself, it is totally worth it and don’t forget to download the app, it was very useful at some point. Don’t read while walking, you might feel sick, and that would spoil your appetite… The Wright is totally worth a lunch or dinner.

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