The Hudson Hotel: still going strong after all these years

Bookmark and  ShareBookmark and Share With so many offerings of places to go, it is rare that anybody would repeat visiting the same venue within the same week. I did. Twice in a row was I enjoying the evening end of summer breeze at the “Private Park” of the Hudson hotel. This is not a hot spot nor a cool location (midtown west) however, this 10 year old hotel is consistently attractive, and welcoming. I had not been in many years, but ended up there Monday night for the after party of the movie premier “I don’t know how she does it” with Sarah Jessica Parker (fun flick worth seeing). And then again I went back last night, when I needed a last minute reservation for seven people –kind of a challenge on a Thursday evening. I wanted something were we could meet for a drink and then have dinner, without a crazy wait or hassle. And the Hudson was perfect for it. You can have drinks at the charming library, or outside at the beautifully planted terrace. When hunger strikes, the restaurant is right there, with its delicious “self-service” gourmet food. The tuna tartar also worth a repetition.

The Hudson

356 West 58th Street (corner of 9th Avenue)