4th of July: the newest hotel rooftop with a fantastic view: Z New York Hotel

You can watch the fireworks from a myriad of strategic spots in the city, all carefully selected and mapped out by your favorite media. Curbed has a good list, so does Time Out magazine. But if you are a novelty hunter like me, who's always scouting the latest and super curious about the new inventions this insatiable city has to offer, i have an insider tip for you: the Z New York Hotel. If you have not heard of it it's probably because it officially opens TODAY!

Just look at the view on this photo. Do I need to say more?

To celebrate the holiday weekend and the opening, the Z Roof is offering happy hour specials from 5pm to 8pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and all night (5pm to 1am) on Monday, July 4th. There will also be a rooftop BBQ & DJ on the 4th.

Happy holiday!

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