The Book of Mormon musical on Broadway

While the big theater critics and stars where attending the official opening of the expensive and controversial Spider Man- Turn off The Dark, I was a couple blocks away laughing out loud, practically peeing in my pants at the Broadway show The Book of Mormon.

clandestine cellphone photo: the "Mormon Hell" according to the screenplay

No matter where you come from in this world, you probably have seen a Mormon team in your neighborhood. The ding-dong duo goes from door to door to disseminate the teachings of Christ (according to their own) and are distinguishable from other missionaries by their white shirts, black pants, black name tag and gel in the hair… (ok, maybe I’m going to far with the last part). In terms of stereotyping, writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone are the comic masters at this show which won nine TONYs last week.

Sold out show at the Eugene O'Neill Theater

Two thumbs up. Word of advice: don’t go if you can’t take blasphemy or heavy satire on religious dogma. This is after all the an oeuvre of the South Park creators.

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