How to help Japan

These are troubled times. Not wanting to go into the debate about America’s meddling in the Middle East (again) – I’m thinking about the catastrophic events in Japan. We are here, going on about our lives, sitting in front of our computers, ordering our groceries online and clicking away trying to score the best reservation at

Walking around NYC though, I’m happy to notice reminders about how we can help the ones that are not. This week I went to Uniqlo and Ippudo, and saw that they are organizing drives and donations for the victims in Japan. Granted, both are Japanese, but still… I also received an email that SoulCycle will donate $1of every ride tomorrow to help those affected by the quake and tsunami throughout the Pacific. And my daughters school is also calling for action with donations to the Red Cross.

Too make it even easier for the us,- the lucky bastards gawking at the screen -, here’s a link to help those who are in a situation we can not even imagine:


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Ippudo in the Village encourages patrons to donate by texting

Uniqlo in SoHo is collecting donations to the Red Cross at their registers

SoulCycle will be collecting money through Friday, for those who can not ride on Tuesday, March 22nd