New Soulcycle on Union Square: Vacate notice?

Photo: Olivia Bam Olson

I've always been skeptical when my friends told me about how much they adore spinning classes. Their eyes would sparkle and the speech would quickly take on that preaching tone, which I immediately associate with obsessive cult followers. Now, yours truly will humbly admit it: I get it. I’ve taken four classes at the brand new Soulcycle in Union Square, just a few minutes walk from my apartment. With my post-pregnancy fat butt I had no excuse and let my friend drag me for a 20 dollar first-comer class (after that it’s 32 per class, or buy 10 for 31 each). After one minute of a deafening pop song drumming in my ears and the adrenaline starting to rise and sweat to drip, I felt how that could be addictive and creep under your skin. Yes, I drank the cool-aid of Soulcycle and understand.

So, to my shock this morning there was a city “Vacate” notice tagged to their front door. The staff assured me they have all the permits, but are ironing out some issues. “Does it have to do with the fact that there’s no egress or fire exit in the basement where you have your showers and locker rooms?” No answer to that specific question.

A New York Insider reveals:"We had a conversation with the firemen next door- they say that the residents in building and right next door complained as it wasn't really soundproofed for 6am classes- I guess that led to inspection...Got to think you're stupid not to check it out before you putyour studio there... Oh well..."

Whichever the reason is, I really do hope they fix this soon. Classes are still going on and the friendly staff is still chatting merrily behind the reception desk. And I’ll continue a happy bike rider, nasty notice at the door or not.



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