Hang around Washington and Union Square Parks this weekend

Looking to take a stroll somewhere with something novel to do?

There’s lot’s going on around Washington Park and Union Square this Saturday. I would suggest you start by checking out the newly opened Nordstrom Rack store (where the Virgin mega store used to be). All apparel, shoes and accessories are 50-70% off label prices. Snag a discounted designer cargo capri, the look of the season. Get two just in case and I’ll soon tell you why. For lunch, benefit from the recently inaugurated all organic (from placemats to receipts) ABC Kitchen at the ABC Carpet & Home. Jean-Georges Vongerichten is behind this ultra-eco friendly environment. Not only the food is 85% local acquired at the Union Square Farmers Market, there’s no bottled water. The restaurant makes its own sparkling water and filters its own tap with a four-chamber charcoal system.

After a heartening and eco-conscious meal, stroll down to the next friendly recreational area: Washington Square Park. Besides the musicians, artists and ice-cream truck, you will might make a new special friend that day, and even take him home… Adoptapalooza is the first annual cats and dogs adoption fair organized by the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. When you are holding that excited puppy on your lap, and he reciprocates your love, he might get a little taken away and pee on those cute new capris or shorts you picked out earlier at Nordstrom. That’s where the second pair comes in handy. And so does your new friend: next time you can do all that program together again, and take him to the fair to get his picture taken in his favorite costume. Always thinking ahead!

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