US Open: when it rains, you shop

Besides the fashion devotees visiting for New York Fashion Week, another type of crowd also comes to the city during the weeks before and after Labor Day. Thousands of tennis fans flock to New York for the US Tennis Open.

During the rain break that interrupted the amazing match between Nadal and Gonzalez, there was nothing much to do but to check out the Ralph Lauren Polo store since the restaurant Aces was completely packed and pretzels at the stand were sold out.

Just because we weren’t at the Fashion Night Out yesterday doesn’t mean tennis fans don’t like to shop for clothes. Especially when there’s a great incentive: for every $100 you shop paying with an American Express you receive a $50 gift towards another purchase at any Ralph Lauren store, including online. Seriously, I did the math and realized how I enjoy the perks of recession promotions. I just couldn’t resist, even though I didn’t “really” need another two US Open t-shirts. I also have another theory: since people couldn’t get the adrenaline from the court, nothing like compensating with the rush of a quality bargain purchase.

PS: I lie when I say that it was either tennis in Queens or late night shopping around town: Michael Bloomberg managed to be in both places! I saw him in the stadium, and this morning read about his appearance at the opening ceremony of Fashion Night Out at Macy’s. Go Mikey!

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