Destination: Brazil at MoMA

Take a trip to sample some of the most inspiring designs by Brazilian emerging and established artists. You don’t have to fly to South America. The lively party last night at MoMA’s Soho store kicked off Destination: Brazil, a new MoMA exclusive product collection featuring 75 items that you could only get in Brazil. Some are already staples of the innovative Brazilian product design such as the eclipse lamp, but most objects are fresh off the manufacturers south of the Equator. Many artists were present (Camila Sarpi, Arthur Casas, Renata Meirelles, and the cute boys from the Osklen store (who you can meet personally on your next NYC shopping spree at Osklen’s two locations).
The MoMA store was packed and lively with chatty guests enjoying caipirinha (the national lime-cachaca drink), admiring (and buying!) the limited edition pieces. The charming Brazilian ambassador, Osmar Chohfi gave an inspiring speech, and some lucky lady won a ticket to Brazil by TAM Brazilian Airlines. The objects are colorful, beautiful and lively, the perfect representation of this tropical country, definitely worth a visit. I wasn’t so fortunate to win a free trip, but until then I will dream of Rio every time I look at my bracelet featuring Ipanema’s black and white sidewalk design. A piece of the best of Brazil all available worldwide a click away!

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